The past couple of days has been really crazy from one drama to another and i actually promised myself, NO MORE DRAMA in 2010 but for some reason i just don't know how i've managed to find myself in this stupid drama right now.

On Monday evening i was chilling at home watching 4400 and i get a facebook notification on my BB that i have a mail,only to check and see i'm been warned by Mrs Big to tell Miss Shorty to leave her husband alone! OMG,i was so amused cause i don't see how Mr Big's cheating with Miss Shorty has anything to do with me! For starters i wasn't there when the whole relationship started so why am i now the middle woman to deliver stupid messages? if Mr Big can't keep his pants on and Miss Shorty can't keep her legs closed how does that concern me???? This is what we call serious SEE FINISH! I don't blame them, after all friendship is by choice. Anyways to hell with them and their wahala, got better fun loving, sweet friends i can spend quality time with.

Speaking of my lovely friends, i had a lovely time with my girl Benny yesterday, was fun and oh before i forget i've gotten my number one gift on my Valentine Gift list...Yeah i know,if i were you i'll hate me too!

Got my pair of lovely earrings yesterday and a lovely black dress which of course i forgot to add to my list and one more item i also forgot to add is...........
The Sex Bible!
Oh yes the Sex Bible, i saw it a nu metro bookstore at the Galleria, didn't have enough cash on me that day so i ended up buying the SUPER HOT SEX POCKET BOOK!
Call me freaky, but trust me, you have to read this book,its got pictures and oh my the fantasies described in this book is out of this world. I just can't wait to have my Sex Bible,if this little pocket book has got really cool stuff in it ,then you can imagine the Sex Bible! Mr LCS is in serious trouble after i finish that book, he might have to visit Ann Summers before he comes cause damn i'm going to rip him apart.

Enough of the sexy thoughts for now,i've got to get back to my America's Next Top Model.Laters

Gigi Signing Out
One Love


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