Ex Sunday!

Woke up this morning feeling really good with myself. Went to church and it was as if the Reverend Father was actually speaking to me. I normally leave the church after Holy communion so i get to avoid second collection and announcements but today was different cause during the sermon,he talked about people not being able to spend 2hours in church,running off after offering and it hit me! I can afford to go dancing all night long but just 2hours in church seems like forever? i really need help.

Speaking on help,after church,i accompanied my sister to her best friends house,on our way the was a show on the radio and the topic of the day was CAN YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOUR EX!!!!!

A few people called in and left their opinions,some said no that's not possible, some others said it really wasn't a problem,just because you're not together anymore doesn't make you enemies. Well in my opinion,i really don't see any reason why we can't be friends as long as we don't end up jumping each other........you know, for old times sake!

Nooooooooooo just kidding. As a matter of fact i'm good friends with my EX, my friends think i'm crazy,but i don't think so. Some say i should be careful,some say i still love him deeply,but i don't think so. He's just a good friend i can count on,and i know he wishes me well but still my friends think i'm crazy.So what do you think? CAN YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOUR EX? And do i need help cause i'm friends with my ex???

Gigi Signing Out
One Love.


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  1. As i said gigs, it is definitely possible that you be friends wiv ur ex. Methinks too many things come into play. Circumstances behind the break up come to play. If the break up was due to mutual understanding and you can still be friends wiv ur ex then count urself lucky cos you just got a brother/Sista from another mother(Long as you guys dont end up in the sack again,wink*wink?)
    Gigi, on the church thing....i say it again for my amusement only...SINNER(Fingers pointed, looking like i didnt get to church late as well). Nice start though...more good stuff

  2. what i will say is gigi,be yourself and hey raise your head above the waters and feel good about yourself.