Why is it that when i'm in my best of moods,someone just try's to up set me? Abi is friendship by force???????? Last i checked its by choice!

Anyway,its my fault. I took my two left legs there in the first place,if i had quietly headed home straight i won't have heard the rubbish i heard today from my so called friend. Well, it serves me right!I sure need a day job ASAP no be lie,but in the main time,i'll try and stay away from MF's!

Speaking of MF's! This our Lagos na really wah oh! Imagine a guy telling his girl friend he wants to shag all the HOT girls in the world. But he loves her and still wants to be with her,how possible is that? You want to cheat on me and you still want to be with me? It simply means he wants to eat his cake and have it! Where in the world does this happen?????? And the girlfriend in question says she loves him and can't let go and bloke too says he can't live without girlfriend but can't stop cheating on her! even goes ahead to justify his action by saying THE GIRL WAS TOO HOT I COULDN'T RESIST i the only one who thinks this is crazy,or has it become legal to cheat on your spouse and still justify your actions???Anyway, this Lagos is turning into something else. God help us women........and for the record i'm not a man hater oh!! i just can't stand rubbish.

Speaking of Lagos, my fellow fun lovers,tomorrow is Timi's Album listening/Video Premiere And Birthday Bash at SWE. So for those of you who wants to wait out the traffic after work,stop by at SWE,and for hot single ladies looking for a date for Valentine(laughs) please try and be there,you never can tell and also the jobless like yours truly,pop in for a few glasses of CHAMPAGNE,life is too short
Till Tomorrow.

Gigi Signing Out
One Love.


Fashion and fun loving. Loves pictures and not afraid to take on challenges.

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