My Valentine List

Today was I going through a friends new photo album on facebook and I just remembered that Valentine is only a few weeks away and I just might be spending it alone again this year! I don’t remember ever having spent Valentine’s day with anyone special before and God that’s really sad! I do get presents but never get to spend the day with anyone but my family, am I so pathetic? I might sound like a broken record right now but I think this pattern really has to change! I remember last year Valentine’s day, it rained cats and dog all day I was at home on my bed sulking, so called dearly beloved boyfriend decided to travel the day before leaving me all high and dry. As much as I don’t want to be left high and dry this year, I might as well get plan B in place. I’ve decided to do my DIY Valentine gift list.
1. Get myself a lovely pair of earrings
2. A bottle of Channel No 5
3. A pair of lovely red shoes

I think that’s it, that’s my present to me this year, and I might go out with any of my single friends whose dateless and go have a few drinks. That’s my plan B! That’s if A fails at the last minute oh! Anyway I sha hope it doesn’t fail but if it does, no wahala I still have back up! No More SULKING!

Meanwhile,I so sorry I couldn’t make it to TIMI’s thingy, I actually fell down the stairs that morning on my way to the salon and hurt my ankle,but thank God no broken bones if not no be small thing oh! I for dey wear POP on Val’s day! That would have really been a sight……….Thank Goodness!
I guess that’s it for today, I’ve got to go look for what to wear to church tomorrow. I’m vain I know but a girl’s got to look good!

Gigi Signing Out
One love.


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