lately i've become so obsessed with weight loss,i'm sure its too much of ANTM thats getting to me. All those girls and their well shaped body,don't get me wrong,not like i'm not well shaped but for reasons i don't know i just want to be a bit skinny and everyone around me thinks i'm crazy to want to loose weight. I'm a comfortable size 14 but i think i'll look hotter as a size 12.

I'm going on a diet from tomorrow and plenty of exercises and cut down my food intake. No more late night snacks and no more Coca cola. Weighed in this morning and i'm 76kg which is quite a lot for my height,so from tomorrow my serious diet begins,i hope i loose like 3kg before next Sunday. Anyway,lets see how it goes. Going back to my ANTM.

Gigi Signing Out
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