The most interesting part about working for yourself is you don’t get to wake up as early as 5am so you can beat the morning traffic; you have time to lazy in bed, go to the gym or just do normal exercises, which of course I do now, thank goodness for that. But the sad part of working for yourself is there’s no security! No fixed income and debt recovery can be very stressful and frustrating! Come today, come tomorrow, I don’t have yet, my child has been ill, I need to pay my school fees, I’m having serious challenges or some silly story sha, but when you were buying there was no challenge!

Anyway, God help us so we the jobless can get jobs and still have our business on the side to keep body and soul together.

About this job hunting thing is no longer easy oh, with this present day Tsunami that just hit the banking industry and some other financial sectors since last November up till now is really alarming!

For me and my fellow job hunters and this newly unemployed comrades of mine that has been relived of their jobs, what are our chances of getting jobs soon? Not forgetting the youth copers passing out next month who are also entering the labor market. Is there any possibility of us getting jobs In this our dearly beloved country Nigeria that is presently running on auto pilot, if you ask me I really don’t see how possible that is. I might as well stick to doing my business and stay away from bad debtors till the God lord blesses me with a job.

Meanwhile I just heard from a reliable source that a former colleague of mine who used to act like the company belonged to his father; just because he was the company accountant has been kicked in the balls today! Boy I’m so laughing right now! I’ll give anything to see the look on his face. Serves him right, but that means another unemployed on the streets of Lagos again!
Na wah oh! God help us

Before I forget, that TIMI’s thingy is tomorrow oh! I just looked at the date now, so sorry for the mistake, but that doesn’t stop you all from showing up tomorrow. Its his long awaited album oh! You don’t want me telling story when you can be there and see and hear for yourself, because I’m definitely going. C yah all there tomorrow life and direct.

Gigi Signing Out
One Love.


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