Finally! its about time i did this.
Just went through a friend's blog now and realized i could do this. I'm not sure if anyone gets to read it but its worth giving it a shot.

Well well, I'm by profession a make up artist but i always get to do it on myself alone.........yeah don't ask,i still ask myself why i don't put myself out there? But i think this year things are going to take a different turn cause,i'm coming out real strong,its about time i stop procrastinating and get on with it.

Okay i've to go take a bath and go to bed cause i have to be in church tomorrow....good way to start a new week.

Phew..........i finally did it. Till tomorrow.
Gigi signing out
One love.


Fashion and fun loving. Loves pictures and not afraid to take on challenges.

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  1. Thats the spirit babes. Sometimes the secret to getting things done, esp ur goals, is to actually put them down in writing... its a step.
    Wish you loads of luck. U've got it in u!