Am I Really Paranoid?

The light situation in this country is really frustrating. Our generator decided to pack up last night and the inverter batteries were completely dead and PHCN did not help issues as usual. The heat was unbearable! I’m not sure how many times I had my bath before morning. Was really terrible, now I know what people without generators must be going through on daily bases.

Was having a discussion with my sis today telling her how pissed I am at my dad. I don’t know why he doesn’t understand me? I’ve been going through a lot lately, emotionally ,financially, spiritually and yet my sister thinks I’m just paranoid!

Why is it that when things seems to be going smoothly for me, from nowhere it seems like I hit a brick wall which wasn’t anywhere in sight! I don’t get it but my sister thinks I’m being paranoid! She actually told me I need a shrink, I’m sure I do need a shrink because my father and my half brother are both giving me sleepless night! i no longer have peace of mind. You might see me walking on the streets well dressed and smiling but deep down inside I’m broken. I’ll give anything to have peace. Inner peace! Something I wish I was invincible, I might sound like a broken record now but God knows how hard I’m trying to be sane. I’m not even talking about the part of me being constantly reminded that I’m old enough to get married. I know that will happen someday, but right now I need to get myself together before even giving myself to a man for the rest of my life. And what is the guarantee that the man will be committed to me for life and not stray, or me what is the guarantee that I won’t stray? God I don’t know why life has to be so complicated. God knows, I’m tired I’m just hanging in and being positive that this phase of my life will pass soon, that’s just what keeps me going. I’ve never been in this kind of situation ever in my whole life! Thanks to my lovely friend who paid for my BB today if not I was going to leave it till whenever. I’ve got a lot to take care of right now, and trust me my BB is the least of them. I have to stop complaining and look for solutions to my plenty wahala jor, life they say is too short so I might as well learn to live it and forget all those crazy fuckers trying to pull me down. As a matter of fact I’ve handed them over to God to help me flog them. They can’t steal my joy and expect to be happy, that’s not possible. As for my debtors I pray they have money and pay me oh, I really could use the money now. I need to go get dinner before I join my ancestors. Good night.



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