Crazy Monday

I woke up full of energy this morning, which is a very good way to start a new week. Had an appointment to catch up with at Broad Street this morning, so I decided to take BRT bus! Yes oh! It was so much fun, the minute I got on the bus I realized how much I’ve missed riding on BRT to work. Since I stopped work Last June, I haven’t even thought of BRT,let alone boarding one. It really felt good and it helped me save a whole lot of money too.
After I was done with my appointment I had to head back to TBS to catch another BRT back home so I took KEKE MARWA! God I loved the ride so much, the wind on my hair and my face was an amazing feeling, and for such a fun ride it only cost me 30 bucks! It really funny how much I spend on transportation oh! If I had gone to the island with a cab today I would have spent like 4k if not more, meanwhile with all my wonderful experience today I spent less than 1k!
Well I got back home tired, took a short nap thanks to my rugrats who by the way didn’t allow me enjoy the nap so I ended up watching Dora The Explorer with them, which I kind of found very interesting. At least it helped get my mind off a lot of crazy stuff.

Speaking of crazy stuff, I was taking a bath this evening when this question popped into my head Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? This is something I’ve never thought of before and surprisingly I don’t have an answer to that. I know what I want to achieve by the end of this year God willing.
I know in 5 years from now God willing I’ll be a wife and a mother, but is that all I want?? Do I want to be a stay at home mum or a working mum? All these crazy questions running through my head! I don’t even know why such a thing just popped into my head. Its so scary when you think you know what you want and somehow you really just don’t know. Am I making any sense at all? Ok enough of this bull crap, I need to get my head straight.
I’ve got a very interesting book to read its called Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man. Its all about what men really think about Love, Relationship ,Intimacy And Commitment. It sounds like letting women into the secret thoughts of men! And that sound very COOL……Well I’ve got to get back to my book, not to worry there will be plenty of gist for all my ladies out there. Laters

Gigi Signing Out
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