Haven’t been writing for the past few days now because I decided to bury myself into watching movies and trust me its been really amazing. The weekend was so fast I didn’t even notice it was Monday already.

Saw the Book of Eli which by the way started off a little boring but turned out to be great. I love Denzel Washington any day anytime. Next movie was Its Complicated, Alce Baldwin and Merely Streep, beautiful movie, got me laughing so had and Did you Meet The Morgans, Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker, it was really hilarious and for once Hugh managed to impress me, also I saw Rebound by Catherine Zeta Jones. God I love that woman, she is so amazing. I did love the movie, the fact that she dated her nanny who was by the way younger than her in the movie was really sweet. I really loved it. Its so much fun dating a younger guy most especially a matured one, but if you meet the very dumb ass ones, you’ll curse the day you where born when its over trust me……..
And the last movie I saw this night that really got to me was Julia and Julie!

Brilliant movie in my opinion. I loved every minute of it. At some point I didn’t really want it to end. Julie actually cooked all the recipes in Julia’s book in one year! All I did get from the movie was if you are really determined to do something, you just have to put your mind to it and you sure can!

Well it was more like if you can think it you can do it! Though it could be very difficult sometimes you just have to believe in yourself and that nothing is impossible! Its really a huge lesson for me, nothing is impossible, nothing is unattainable! I just have to put my mind to it. That’s it! No more impossibility. Can’t believe it took a movie to get this into my thick skull! Well its better late than never.
New Slogan………if you can think it, you can do it! I’m sticking to that.



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