Lovely Day!

There are days when u wake up on the wrong side and just believe that day wasn’t going to go well. That exactly how my day started. My half brother woke me up with an annoying text message, while I was busy lamenting to Doris, I got a call from oga calling to check on me, which was quite sweet of him. We spoke for about an hour, with plenty of I miss you and I love you and I can’t wait to see you, and that did uplift my spirit a bit. And then I go a BB message from my dear friend Niyi asking me if I wanted to see a movie. I didn’t have any plans of stepping outside the house today but next thing I know, I saw myself getting ready to go see a movie and I asked Doris who jumped at the idea of at least getting out of the house.

My cabbie decided to fuck me up at the very last minute, I had called him earlier to pick us up at 12 noon, but Mr Man decided not to show up, so I had to get another cab to come get us from the house. The movie we were supposed to see was for 1pm,but thanks to my cabbie that didn’t show up on time and traffic we got to the cinema at 1.20pm so we had to see Valentine’s Day, which buy the way Niyi was already begging Doris and I not to get all emotional oh because we’re making him see a chicky movie which he ended up loving. Was a star studded movie and very interesting. We did have fun.
After the movie, I ran into an old friend from way back, I was so happy to see him, haven’t heard from him in months. Thank God I finally stepped out of the house today, was so much fun.
Called Toyin to wish him happy birthday. Toyin! One of the ones that got away! I actually told him he was one of the ones that got away. He laughed and said I didn’t get away, you’ll see me soon. I guess that means he’s coming home soon? Would be nice to see him though, its been like 6 years since I last saw him, although we talk from time to time, birthday’s, holidays, but it will be nice to see him. Ok enough of the day dreaming, back to reality.



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