Is it possible to love someone and not trust the person????? Well in my opinion, I can’t be in love and not trust the person, Because if I don’t trust you then I don’t love you.

This love thing is so confusing sometimes it makes me sick to my stomach, the fact that I am so trusting is so annoying and at the end of the day I get hurt. Why can’t I be less trusting and don’t expect too much from people so whatever they do don’t come as a shock to me? Am I wired differently from others? A lot for my friends think I’m crazy, after been hurt too many times I can still find it in my heart to love again? I’m such a great believer in love and happily ever after but all of a sudden I think it’s not for me, today its all rosy and sweet and the next minute its so frustrating and annoying! I go out of my way to please people and just when I need them the most, they are no where to be found or make up some silly excuses, why? Why? Why? I keep asking myself this question over and over again! It’s really frustrating to know that the one person you expect to be there isn’t and is not even concerned all he cares about is himself! In that case that make me a fool, because I’m always there for you but you’re never there for me!

Well I’m done being the fool; I love myself too so from now on I come first! Yes I have to be happy first so from now on it’s all about ME, MYSELF AND I.

Gigi Signing Out
One Love


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