The ones that got away……........

Have you ever wonder what happened to those people you meet and you seem so close and after a while you just drift apart? Like say a friend, not that you guys had a fight or anything, but some how you just drift apart? Well last night I was chatting with a friend and somehow it just came up.
I just saw myself thinking about all the guys I’ve met in my life and two guys actually comes to mind. Mr. O and Mr. Nameless. Mr. O! wow, that’s one hell of a guy! I meet him at a club called VERDICT in Abuja while I was on vacation. He was with friends and so was I. We just clicked! The chemistry was amazing. We went out on two lovely dates and damn he’s a good kisser…….well too bad we never got to go on our 3rd, something came up in school he had to go and before he got back I was already back in Lagos. We stayed in touch for a while and later just lost contact, after like 2 years I run into him again. I went to see my sister who was in Law School, on our way to lunch I run into him again, it was really nice seeing him after so long and the best part was that my sister knew him from UNIJOS so it wasn’t really awkward trying to introduce them at all, which by the way was a great relief.. We went out for drinks that night, and damn the chemistry was still there, did a little catching up. I left for School the next day and I didn’t see him again for another 2 years, this time in Lagos at A Bar. It was good to him again, only this time we were both more matured and thank goodness I was looking HOT! We danced, talked and exchanged numbers. We did keep in touch for a while, after sometime we just let go. It’s so amazing we had so much chemistry but we never did more than just make out! That’s a shame because he happens to be the one of those who got away……. He’s happily married now and for reasons I don’t know I find myself thinking about him?

And Mr. Nameless……….hmmmmmmmmm,its funny I can’t really remember his name. I met him when I was going for swimming lessons and ,my instructor was trying to feel me up so I just got upset and told him I was done learning, and here come this charming young man, and he goes like don’t mind him, he’s just trying to be a typical guy, and that’s how we got talking. He was really nice and sweet, he always made out time to teach me and he comes over to see me at home. I liked him but I wasn’t dating then, that was my celibacy phase. And besides I wasn’t sexually attracted to him. Everyone around thought he was good for me, but I wasn’t just ready and now after 4 years I find myself trying to remember his name! Funny………he’s another guy that got away. There’s a lot more that got away but Mr Nameless and Mr O sort of stand out in my memory……I guess they both made an impact in my life somehow…..

Hmmmm ……..ok I’m done thinking about these men! I’m sure I’m also on someone’s list but I don’t think they’ll be thinking about me now so I guess I’ll just keep them where they belong, my past and move on. Some people are meant to be forgotten and some are not, as for Mr O and Mr nameless, we just might bump into each other someday, but till then….i’ll go back concentrating on my ANTM.

Gigi Signing Out
One Love


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