Staying Positive

I was scared I wasn’t going to see today, and its funny because yesterday I felt like dying. Everything felt like it was just falling apart at the same time, and I was beginning to believe what my friend said about my life been full of abandoned projects. But somehow in the midst of all the chaos in my head one little voice told me to get a grip, that’s life and sometimes it sucks

Well thank God I woke up today, feeling really good with myself surprisingly after my crying and thinking I wanted to die because things wasn’t working according to plan and to make matter worse, Halima called and told me that Ekpoma was on strike! That just go me weeping like a baby! Questions kept running through my mind, when will they call of the strike, will they make NYSC deadline! All this going on in my little head! That’s when I started asking God some kind of questions I don’t even want to remember I did, that’s why I thought I was going to die in my sleep, but I woke up, I’m very happy I’m alive to see today and I went for morning mass, today being Ash Wednesday to collect Ash as a sign of the beginning of lent.
Lent is all about prayer, fasting ,abstinence and alms giving. well for me my abstinence this lent season if from all forms of negative energy around me, my thoughts, peoples thoughts, every negative aura around me, I’m letting go. I remembered something my mum used to always say, what ever name you answer to is your name, its about time I start associating my self with positive people, my life isn’t an abandoned project! Things might not be the way I want it to be presently but that doesn’t mean it will remain this way. This is a phase, and it will pass sooner than I think, I just have to stay positive. I know sometimes it might seem really difficult but I’ll get there.
If I can think it, I can do it!
And LCS called this morning after I got back from church and told me he’s sorry that he can’t make it next week but will try and be home before mid March, or God willing if my visa application is granted I’ll see him before than. I’m focusing all my energy in making money for the main time, since I can’t seem to get a day job, I’m working towards getting more capital into my business and from there we’ll see how it goes. No more sulking. I know I have I wonderful family that loves me, and a few good friends and one sweet, charming young man who loves me and above all I have God. So I’m all set what more can I ask for? All I need is staying positive.



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