This Long Distance Is Killing ME!!!!!!!!!!!

Today started off well like every normal day in my life and I was feeling very happy or trying to be before I started chatting on BB with my dear friend who by the way is very caring and also very annoying! He asked how my blog was going and I told him I hadn’t posted anything for a few day cause nothing around me has been really interesting enough to write about and the next thing he say is has your blog also be come another abandoned project! If only he know how much that hurt! He said he feels like I don’t ever follow up I start so basically my life is full of abandoned projects! God it hurt so so bad! I felt like someone just ripped put my heart. My life isn’t full of abandoned projects, its just full of disappointments and heart ache! I know he cares about me and has my interest at heart but I hate the fact that he can be so cynical beats me.

As if that wasn’t enough to destabilize my day, LCS I thought had made up his mind to come home by the end of the month just told me he isn’t coming again! Can you imagine! I’ve never felt so disappointed in my eternal life. 9 fucking months! And he doesn’t even know how bad I feel. Why or how did I get myself into this long distance thing in the first place? What was I thinking? Words can’t even describe how I feel right now! I thought crying will help ease the heart ache but it hasn’t! doesn’t he understand I miss him? I’ll give anything just to feel him touch. I know I sound pathetic but that’s how bad I want him. Oh God! I’m in love again!

I need to snap out of this mood soon, Goddddddddddddddddd! I need help!



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  1. u dont need help... u feel and that's what makes u human. if he's ur man, he'll come to u... nobody ever rly abandons a project. if it gets boring, move on... that's part of the cycle of life... u'll be fine, dont worry too much. love ya