Uneventful Sunday!

I didn’t get much sleep last night, but still managed to wake up at 6am to go to church, which I am grateful to God I did because, the evil part of me was like go back to sleep, you can make 10am mass which I know deep down inside of me I never would have gone for.

By the way, I now stay till the end of mass, thank goodness for that. I just learnt today that next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday! Lent is here again! Two months ago it was Christmas now its lent already! I see 2010 rolling by very fast. Well I might as well start preparing myself because this lenten season I want to be very close to God. I need to be more spiritual because if not for God I won’t be alive today. I know I might not have all I want presently but I’ve got all I need and that’s by Gods grace so I have to be thankful for all I have today.
I know my 2010 slogan is NO MORE DRAMA, if I have to have that I need to be closer to God and this ME,MYSELF AND I thingy! God comes first before me!
Still on my weight loss, I have to really step up my game this week. I just finished watching the last cycle of America’s Next Top Model and I’m bored already! Anyways I’ll be like them girls pretty soon but before that I’ll just start watching my Sex And The City, the complete season all over again for the 5th time! That will keep me busy for like 2 weeks. God see what boredom can do!
I need a Day Job ASAP!


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  1. hey gigi,cant imagine that u are really watching ANTM(i would have died, wait a minute,a show about hot chicks,pass the popcorn)...i think i speak for blogosphere when i say we need more....