Who’s Got Your Back?

I’ve always been a great believer in people and their empty promises, not until recently have I come to learn not to trust whatever anyone, irrespective of my relationship with you says to me. I’ve always been so trusting and believe me it really hasn’t gotten me anywhere in life.

Sometime last year when I lost my job, for the first one month I felt like I was on vacation. I loved everyday because I really hated my job. Not only was the pay bad, I just couldn’t stand waking up and going to the office, having to put on a fake smile from 9am to 5pm everyday. It was so annoying, and to make matters worse, the pay stopped coming regularly at the end of the month which of course made me hate the job even more.
I was always complaining to everyone who cared to listen how much I hate my job and really wanted to quit. My performance dropped badly, I wasn’t getting along with my BDO and I didn’t care, all because I thought I had people I could trust, people who had my back, but thanks to all the empty promises, which of course I believed.
After one month of not working, I began to feel frustrated, not because I didn’t have a job but because the people who promised heaven and earth, who I foolishly believed kept giving me one story or the other, not because they couldn’t keep to their promises, but because I guess they were trying to imagine what they were thinking when they made all those promises.
I was so frustrated, at some point I felt like dying.
One weekend I went out with my sister, my brother in-law and a few friends. I honestly thought I was happy and was playing it cool. Tow days later which was a Monday, I got a text from a friend and it said
Hello Babe, What’s up with you? You were not looking very happy on Saturday, please take it easy. I know what you’re going through trust me, the earlier you accept it and move on the better.
I was shocked! I thought I was okay! How come someone who doesn’t even know me that well can see right through me?
I called him immediately and he asked me to come over to his office so we could talk over lunch, so I went.
The first question I asked him was how did you know?
And he said I could see it in your eyes!
Sometimes the people we expect to look out for us don’t even give a f%#k about us, while the ones we don’t think cares are the ones who really does.

He told me something,
He said Babes, I know a lot of people must have promised you heaven and earth, but believe me not all will follow through. I know you’re very trusting but please you really should learn not to trust people so much. The ones you expect to be there won’t, have it in mind that the only one who’s really got your back is God. just believe in him and put your trust in him and I promise you nothing anyone does will come as a surprise to you.
And you know what? All he said to me was the truth. I know I’ve got lovely friends and a wonderful family, but seriously none of them has really got my back!
This was a conversation I had with a friend 7 months ago and while I was taking a shower today it made sense. because someone says I Love You, it doesn’t really means he’s got your back, Wow!
Well its comforting to know who’s really got my back….who’s got yours?



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