I'm so so happy with myself,i weighed in today and found out i'd lost 3kg already in one week! it so amazing!i'm going to keep up so by next week i'll be 6kgs lighter God willing! Not like i've been doing any serious exercise,just i eat one small meal a day,and plenty of water,my food supplements and skip,thats all and i lost 3kg! i'm so proud of myself,now i'll start working on my 6 pack!......Oh yeah,6 pack! i can really bring it! I just can stop imagining how HOT i will look! Don't get it twisted,i'm HOT already but with the 6 pack! i'll be HOTTER than FIRE!

Damn! i'm so proud of myself,just can't wait to be a size 12! I know its not that easy,but i'll get there. Next week serious exercises Monday,Wednesday and Friday,i might just loose more than 3kg,well lets see how it goes.I'm off to bed.



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