Funky Friday!

Last night was so much fun, I got together with my friends I haven’t seen in a while, saw Linda for the first time in like 15years. All we’ve been doing is talk on the phone since but finally got to hang out last night. It really was so much fun, and I’m thinking we should do this once every month. Estelle couldn’t help staring at me although the night, I’m sure the next time I see her she’ll be a size 16. she’s a size 20 now I guess, she kept telling me how good I look. Before I for get I have lost the 10kg I wanted. Yippee! I did it! I’m so proud of myself right.

Meanwhile, that silly girl owing me actually sent me an sms apologizing and said she’ll pay the money on Wednesday. I’m sure she must have guessed what I had in mind for her, anyway I’ll wait till Wednesday, and God bless her I don’t see my money, then I’ll go ahead and teach her a lesson she’ll never forget.

I still feel a bit hung over! Have to get back to sleep. …….Yes sleep. I’ve been sleeping all day, just woke up to eat and go back to sleep. I haven’t been sleeping well for the past few days so I guess I’ll make up for it today.



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  1. It's good to spend time with old friends, isn't it? Glad you had a good time.

    I've read through several posts on your blog. I was really intrigued by the obituary/recovery plan idea. How's that going? I'd love to see what you came up with!

  2. Hey Cindy,
    Thanks, i glad you do read through my posts on my blog. The obituary/Recovery plan really helped me. i'll put it put soon so u'll see what i came up with.

    I really had fun with the girls, i'm planning on doing it often. Take care.