Having The Time Of My Life!

The last couple of weeks has been really hectic so I haven really had much time to blog. I finally go my money from the PUNK of a girl I used to be friends with whose been owing for over a year and had the guts to shout at me, she really was lucky because if she hadn’t sent that SMS, God knows what I had in store for her.
Anyway I got my cheque at last, took me days to summon courage to pay it into my account. I guess I’m on track, but still a little confused on how to start this time around. I’m just taking my time; it will all come back to me slowly.

Well on Friday I got the best surprise of my life! My sister told me to come to the airport with her to pick her husband which by the way I was happy to go with her because I couldn’t wait to get out of the house. On getting to the airport, big sis went to look out for her husband while I drove to the parking lot to wait, a few minutes later she calls and asks me to drive out, I got to where she was standing, she had like 4 huge bags and I was shocked because my brother in-law travels light, and when I looked closely I recognized one of the bags, LCS! My next words to her was,
Where is he?
And she goes oh! Mr C! Referring to her husband, he went to get his passport.
And I said no! I mean LCS! Owner of the bags! Then she finally admits he went back to get his passport, I was so surprised and happy! Everyone in my household and a few family friends knew he was coming and they all did a good job at keeping it a secret. And he on his own part really pulled it off nicely. He actually called me on Friday morning at 3am telling me he’s been awake since and wants to sleep now, will call me when he woke up, and I didn’t even have a clue he was at the airport!
You can’t begin to imagine how excited I am right now. I’m having the time of my life right now. And yes mind blowing sex too. I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed making love till Friday night! After almost a year without it! I thought I was slowly turning into a nun until he came. Oh my God! Its even better than before! I have to go back to his arms now, I’m sure he’s wondering what the hell is she doing on that computer of hers? I need to be cuddled guys, it’s almost 6am. Bye…



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