Step One

Well today was cool, my stock did sell today and at a good price, not at much as I expected but not too low anyway. I got an alert on my phone, thank God for technology so by next week Monday my cheque will be ready yippee! This is such a huge step I’m taking but I know its worth it.

A friend called me up to tell me she’s setting up a job interview for me, I was excited and I asked what the nature of the job was, she said it a marketing job, the pay is good oh! 120k a month but my salary I tired to a target of 1.6m and what am I marketing??????? Wine! Yes wine? How and who will I sell wine worth 1.6m to monthly???? Between my family and friends can they all consume that much wine? If I don’t meet my target I’m fired immediately! I can’t do that oh!
Well as tempting as this job offer is, it comes with a clause, I don’t think I’m ready to take that chance of being fired I rather face my business.

That reminds me, my girl Benny is doing a show soon and I’m doing the make up for the models and I’m so excited! I just can’t wait.
I’m thinking of doing a photo shoot by the end of the month to show case my work. I’ll ask Kunle to see if he can do it for me, he really takes good pictures. I hope he’s not occupied then so we can work together.

Mary came today and she got me this very sexy top, I can’t wait to wear it. the top is so me, she’s such a darling.
I might wear it on Friday night. its girls night out, I just can’t wait. Its going to be so much fun, plenty of booze and gossip. So looking forward to Friday night.
By the way my obituary writing went well, although my sisters think I’m crazy for ever doing that, even my man thinks I’m crazy but trust me it really felt good, even writing about it now brings a smile on my face. Funny but true.
Well I’m off to bed. Goodnight everyone.



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