When I say I’m no longer doing anything for anyone this year I really mean it. I helped Oga do third party insurance on one of his trucks early last year, so in December the truck had an accident and it was a total write off, but the problem was that Oga did not give me the write figure of the truck so it was actually under insured. He only gave me figure for the head of the truck and not the tanker so that one wasn’t my mistake but his. But now the blame is on me. He says all I do is make him lose money! What a thing to say! Anyway na me fine trouble, I’ve learned my lesson. Since my good has turned to bad. I was just trying to help but see where my good deed has landed me!

Schools have sent names to NYSC and people have gone to collect their call up letters but my case is different because my school decided to riot and they’ve been closed down till further notice! Only God knows when the strike will be called off. I feel so irritable right now. Everything is so annoying even Oga is so f#%king annoying! I really need to get away from all this madness. Yesterday I woke up very happy, today it’s a different story. Too much mood swings lately, and its becoming a serious concern. Thank goodness I might be spending the weekend at Benny’s. I miss being with girlfriends who understand me. I’ll get very drunk and sleep away the anger, because God knows how upset I am right now. I really don’t know what else to do, I hope this isn’t the end of the road for me o, because I feel like I’m so close to it. Can’t wait to get Ghana next weekend. It will be refreshing to spend a week with Franca and her kids. I’m so looking forward to this trip God knows. Well well till then.



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