Back To Reality

Well well, i woke this morning alone on my bed and i realized i was back to reality. Mr Man travelled last night, i miss him so much already. i've kind of gotten used to waking up in his arms, now with him not here the bed seems so huge and empty. Anyways he'll be back before i know it i just have to be strong and wait, God willing he'll be back next month. At least i don't have to wait for another one year again.......

I finally got over baby mama and her to meet the kid and did have a good time. She's such a sweet kid. I still can't believe i'm in this kind of relationship actually.......things we do for love. Anyway i'm in love with Mr Man for now at least, i just hope i know what i'm doing. Sometimes i feel like i'm making a mistake,but when i just look at his face and that lovely smile,i forget everything around me. These past few weeks has been the best days of my life so far, I know i'll have even many more wonderful days ahead God willing.

Back to business as usual, my stuff comes in before the end of the month God willing so now its serious marketing now.Working on my handbills and B and i need to plan our sale party. I need to buy myself a car for my birthday......yes i'm long over due, no more cabs from September by Gods special grace.Ok i've got to run. I really missed my computer. I'm so glad to back to my world.....



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