its another beautiful Monday morning, read Nobz memoir and couldn't help laughing so hard. He always makes my Mondays memorable.

Had a good weekend,thanks to L, I got my invites to SMVA and God i had mad fun! Went with Miss H,graced the red carpet and God knows how exciting the feeling was with all that flash from cameras all over and the papas calling out to u for a pose. Was fun. Met up with D,3D,Tee,Chi,Ucha,Obi and Yejide. Had mad fun.The award show was amazing,P Square's performance was off the hook! Mo Hits too was amazing.As a matter of fact Dr Sid is the MAN! Banky and Wiz kid was also amazing. My girl Omawunmi was looking really FLY! though she didn't get any awards but she is a terrific musician.

Got home around 3.30am,hit the sack immediately. Got up at 8.30am went to church to thank the lord almighty for another new week.

Chief came over, on our way to see Social Network, i called Miss T's agent and he said i should come see a place. the house was amazing. it was love at first sight. Well it is my exact budget but they are asking for 2yrs. i pray they accept my offer for 1yr cause i really love the place.

Jason really made me mad today, never thought of him as a judgmental person till today. Well i guess we both have different ideas on how we see things. Like i always say Opinions are like assholes and everybody has one. I may be wrong but i want to be able do something for once without having to second guess myself just because someone thinks i shouldn't do what i think is right. i want to be responsible for me for once in my life, why is it so difficult for people to understand?

A friend of mine told me that i never finish anything i start! those words still hunts me daily! how can one say such a thing, well that's all in the past now. I've got to get back to work and i hope before the end of the day i get a positive result from the agent on that house i saw yesterday. Fingers crossed.


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