Oh Happy Day

Wok up with a bad headache, but still had to get to work early to prepare my report.

Had a lovey weekend, partied with my girls on Friday, from Swe to Pub 1 for Tracy's birthday which was off the hook. i saw Mr H there, was shocked to him. we talked for a while then left for Tribeca! Saw Ehi and Chi at Tribeca while exchanging hellos and stuff someone stole Big Chi's BB! It was really annoying cause after having so much fun only to get to Tribeca and some good for nothing pick pocket decides to help his or herself to Big Chi's BB, Though it was annoying we still managed to have fun. Only for Helen to also call me last night to tell me her BB was also stolen that night at Tribeca! so its official Tribeca has become a hot zone for BB stealing so ladies and gentlemen please when partying at Tribeca please hold on tight to your BB's or get ready to buy a new one the next morning.

Went to see the landlord of the new place i saw, loved the house the minute i saw it, its way above my budget but i love it. Paid like 60% of the rent to make up the balance by Friday God willing. I just have to have that house, its so quite and i love the neighborhood. Thank God for LCS, I swear don't knon what i'll do without him. I know i'll do fine without him,but thank God for him. He is God sent. Though sometimes i want to kill him but i still love him.
Can't wait to move into my house....(smiles) my house. It will take some getting used to but i'll be fine

Went to see my girl B yesterday, she's been in faraway India for over a month, we did a lot of catching up and i told her the good news, we are going to be neighbors form next week God willing. I'm really so excited, can't wait to move in. i wonder how i'll feel on my first night, well i've got to run.
I've got a very good feeling about this week...........hmmmmmmm


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