Christmas Countdown

This year has been very eventful, i can't believe its 10days to Christmas. Usually I'll have a Christmas wish list, but this year i don't. I think i already have all i could wish for. I have a house of my own, i have a job and i have wonderful friends, good health and my lovely boyfriend got me 3 lovely pairs of Cole Ham shoes and I'm going shopping on Saturday for 2 lovely dresses and grocery shopping. its it. And a few presents for a few friends.

This year has really been eventful, full of ups and downs, plenty of sleepless nights and my pillow socked in tears. But all the same i give thanks to God for the gift of life. I pray next year will be far more better than this year and less stressful and may all my heart desires be met. Well i have to go. My head is aching seriously. Laters


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