Didn’t feel like getting out of bed this morning, wanted to stay home but since I have a sales summit to attend tomorrow, I can’t skip work for two days my boss will go bunkers!
Speaking to Feejay last night and she said something about me being a talk show host… that won’t be such a bad idea you know. But I think I’ll do better behind the camera. I’ve always wanted to work at a radio station, been sending countless applications but I’m yet to be called for an interview. When ever I listen to the presenters on WAZOBIA FM, which happens to be my favorite radio station presently ,I always wish it was me talking on the radio. I wish they could just call me for an interview I know I’ll wow them with my Waffi Pidgin (laughs) At least that one very good thing I learnt from Warri. Being an Igbo girl with out any trace of Igbo accent thank God for my mum who moved to warri and brought me up there, that the only good thing I can think of right now and the fact that I can’t be cheated. WARRI NO DEY CARRY LAST!
I wonder why this morning I have this craving for cup cakes! Maybe it because someone on my blackberry contacts used cup cakes as her display picture.(thinking) Well I better go cup cakes hunting this morning since my boss is out before I end up eating cup cakes in my dreams.
By the way my positive thinking is so working for me, I feel so alive and happy. I sleep well and I think I haven’t been this happy in a while and this is a good feeling which I hope it continues………… Anyways got to run….cup cakes on my mind…



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  1. I did say that (talk show Host) but u forgot to mention my suggestion on the concept "Jerry Springer & Oprah" in one...hehehe