Its been a while.
Going through facebook today i noticed my girl Feejay changed her profile picture, i found the color interesting not until i read what was on the picture thats when i knew why i liked the picture. on the picture it was written "DULLING NA SIN"
Those words got my thinking, really Dulling is a sin and thank God I'm not a sinner.
I thank God for where i am today.Looking back,I'm so grateful to God i turned out the way i did if not for him i wonder where i would be today.

I have had a lot of friend in my life and today i can say from the lot i have quite a few who are my roots! Yes everyone is like a tree and tress have roots, branches and leaves. The leaves fell of faster than they even appeared thank God for that as for those who where the branches, I'm grateful to God i had the strength to cut them off when it was time to let go of them, i know i still have quite a number of branches hanging on and also some new ones growing but i just hope and pray i have the heart to let go of them when their time is up.
As for my roots, oh I'm so lucky to have them. They've been there through thick and thin with me in in my darkest moods they stood by me. I love you guys, You all know yourselves. Couldn't have made it this far without you. I love you, even the leaves and the fallen branches i still love you cause u all are a part of my history.
Got to get back to work.



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