Lovely Monday Morning........

It was a long weekend, i had more than enough sleep and plenty of quite time to myself and it was really wonderful. So bottom line my soul searching and cleansing of bad aura did work out fine.

On my way home on after work on Friday while i was standing on the road waiting for my free ride, a very dirty crazy looking man walks up to me, i was thinking he was going to ask me for money but no he had other things in mind. He walked up to me and told me he liked me, that i was beautiful. I was so shocked and i ran as far away as possible cause i don't think i want a mad man jumping me on the road. People around started laughing, i didn't find it funny i kept thinking what if he had decided to get a free hug or a kiss? Eish! Okay that would have been really terrible. Anyway like Feejay said my days for free ride is almost over, so I'll suck it up and still go stand at the bus stop today after work and i hope i don't run into that mad man again today o, cause if i do I'll bone my free ride and peacefully enter my Okada(Bike. I no want wahala...

Went to the cinema on Friday night, saw Cher's new movie BURLESQUE which by the way was amazing! I loved every bit of the movie might even go back to see it again, then i also saw Tyler Perry's FOR COLORED WOMAN.
Feejay you should see that movie, you'll so love it.
By the way I'm so loving my abaya........(smiling) Can't wait to wear it. And I'll put up a picture of it i promise.... Okay my boss is in the building, got to go.



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