Trying to stay Positive

Is it normal to worry always! I’ve found out that I’m always worried, I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t worried and I don’t think that’s a good thing. I give up easily and that’s really terrible. I really need to reconnect with God cause as it appears I need a lot of grace to be able to stay positive at all times.

Thank God it’s Friday, I’m not partying this weekend but I’m doing soul searching. I need to cleanse myself of every negative thought in my head so I can at least have a decent night sleep. Can’t continue staying up all night, worrying myself about every possible thing around me. If its not one thing it’s the other, how long will I last if I continue living this way. At this stage I might not even live up to 90. Yes 90, that’s the age I wrote on my obituary……. I’m thinking I should post my obituary so it would be my constant reminder of how long I want to live on earth and everything I want to achieve before then so I can stop worrying too much or maybe that might just add more pressure?..............hmmmm I really need to calm down!
I have to get back to work at least that should help keep me busy for a few hours.



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