I knew this week was going to be wonderful. I spoke to my boo on Monday and he told me to go to the airport on Tuesday to wait for his friend i'm supposed to pick up somethings from but for some reason i felt i was going to pick him up.
I got to the airport and was waiting for the so called friend but behold my one and only! I was so happy cause i was right! He was looking so HOT! I just couldn't hide my joy...
I called in sick on Wednesday, i hope none of my colleagues reads this anyway cause i wasn't really sick per say.... i was in bed with my man...(laughs)

My long awaited car came in last night! Yes o! I'm so excited as a matter of fact I've been smiling since Tuesday evening. No more bikes, no more catching free rides, no more BRT buses. God I'm so so happy! I may not have a kobo to my name presently but i feel like i have a million bucks! I'm so happy i don't even know how to express my happiness. I'm sure i told my boo Thank you a million times for the car last night, even this morning before i left for work I'm sure i said thank you again and will definitely say more when i get home.
Thank goodness I'll be closing early today. Can't wait to get home.
Feejay, you better start packing Ur bags o!!!!!!!! Our motor don land!



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  1. Yeaaaaaaah!!! Urhobo people no dey slack :) God bless u and my brother!!! Meanwhile I go soon show :)

    ♥ u!

  2. I love you too my darling sister.......come quick oh!!!!!!!!!!