Its bad to tell lies, but once in a while we just can't help it but when the lie becomes something else then there is a problem.

My colleague told us in December that he lost his mum,so he was given 2weeks vacation, only to find out today that his mum didn't die, he just lied to everyone because he was going to get married!
last i checked getting married is a good thing so why he had to lie that his mum died of car accident,i still don't understand. That is totally ridiculous! Anyway that's his business. Thank God i didn't even contribute a kobo for him them if not he'll pay back every kobo.

Well i did have a good weekend. NEPA has been so good that its even beginning to scare me.
Anyway, i'm still working on the positive thinking and its not as easy as i thot it would be. My girl Feejay, you are a darling. I'll be strong that's a promise. The BROS, thanks for spending the whole day with me yesterday. You are good company. I promise to stop sulking.

This is going to be a very wonderful week, i can feel it in my bones. I'm counting down already.


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