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I know I've been MIA for months but trust me it wasn't intentional. I have missed posting and a lot has been going on in my life. By the way I'm so loving the feeling of owning a car! Its rally interesting, i don't have to think twice before going out and i can wear anything i want with out thinking of what people are going to say! its such a relief!
I got invited in this very lovely group on facebook, its so cool. its a girls thing and there girls can be girls! its such a wonderful feeling know u have sisters all over the world who once in a while u can call and talk to, share ideas and also talk about men! so so interesting!
Speaking of men, mine is still around and I'm loving every minute of him being around. I'm so going to miss him when he travels cause I'm so used to waking up next to him and always having him around. God i love the feeling.
Work has been very stressful lately but at least i have a job. Anyways i have to run, Boss in the building...



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