I'm a little confused here. I got calls from my friends that i've been sending them countless emails for over 2weeks now and i didn't take it seriously until yesterday when a relative called and begged me to do something about my constant useless emails i send out. I decided to change my password since my account has been hacked into.

Only to wake up this morning and my boo sends me a message asking me why i changed my password! My reply was so you have my password! He called and told me that i gave him my password which i don't remember doing that cause i love my privacy.. and he went on saying i have things to hide that's why i changed my password! Honestly its a bit creepy to know that he has access to my emails... telling me he's trying to learn to trust me. how can u love someone you don't trust? Is that even possible? I don't know if he's a lover or a stalker!


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  1. hummmmmmmmmm, something fishy gigi, try report to ur network provider. strange!!! hackers re just sad pple :-(. do ve a great day.