Is it wrong to have male friends????

I know its been ages since my last post and i'm so sorry about that. My life has been full of drama..from boyfriend to girlfriend and every possible thing on earth. But in the midst of all this madness i still find time to make myself happy. Been taking French classes and God knows i'm loving it so much! Its one of the best things i've done for myself in like ages. Now i have a question, is it wrong to date someone younger? and is there like a limit to how much younger the person can be? There is this guy, we'll call him Mr X, I'm 6yrs older than him and he loves me so much that the love has become so scary! I like hanging out with him but at the same time i feel its wrong or scary or stupid but, honestly i don't even know what i think but i know he makes me very happy and makes me do very crazy stuff! But there is a problem,I have a boyfriend and he knows but still wants to be with me and when i mean wants to be with me i mean he wants to be with me like every minute! And he can't stand the fact that i have male friends! He complains that they are too much of them, but i'll rather have male friends than female friends cause my male friends always come through for me when i need them and they don't gossip! Now i need help, is there a problem with a woman having male friends? And how many is too many? Seriously


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