My very first jingle!

Today was fantastic! I went to the recording studio with my new boss and a colleague today for the first time, one of our clients wanted a jingle done for their company and my colleague was to do the write up and the rap! yes the rap but somehow his voice wasn't working today and i decided to try it out and boom! it was perfect! I was so shocked at listening to my very own voice, i sounded like a sweet 16 teenager and God it was so much fun! What an experience. The client loved it and it starts airing tomorrow on 5 top radio stations in Lagos! I;m so excited can't wait to hear it on the radio! Even the guy in the stdio said i should come back and lets work on a song,hehehehehehe. I can't imagine my self as an artist but it won't be bad to try, whats the worth that could happen? Anyways I'm off to bed, i pray tomorrow bring more joy and happiness...... XOXO Gigi


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