I know its been ages, I've been really busy quitting my old job starting a new one which is fantastic by the way. Well i do have time on my hands now so i promise to post as often as possible. Did i mention i love my new job! Went for Femi Kuti's 50th birthday party yesterday, it was my very first time in the African Shrine and God i loved every minute of it. From there i ended up at Swe, it was a friend's send forth and we had mad fun, the music was great and i ran into a few friend's i haven't seen in ages. I really had a great time last night, its been a while i partied with my girlfriends i think I'll always make out time to party with them as often as i can. Anyways, I've got to run, i promise to post as often as possible. XOXO Gigi


Fashion and fun loving. Loves pictures and not afraid to take on challenges.

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