It's my birthday!

So it's my birthday today and I have been having so much fun! Went for a friends birthday party last night, partied till midnight, yes my birthday. I had mad fun! Here are a few pictures from last night


That's me been goofy


Me,Charity and Ronnie

Charity was the celebrant yesterday and Ronnie is my sister, my BFF, my personal person. There are no words to describe my relationship with Ronnie,bottom line she is my person for life.



Ronnie and I


Me being a diva *laughing*


So diaries, more pictures coming up. I'm getting set for karaoke with the girls tonight. I'm certain I'm going to have a time of my life today. So you all keep calm cause its my birthday!


Love always





Fashion and fun loving. Loves pictures and not afraid to take on challenges.


  1. Gigi, where have u been all this while? Welcome back to blog world! Happy birthday darling, wishing u a fab day as u celebrate, God bless u today and always

  2. Happy bday sugar sugar.can see u glow wit pride.

  3. Haappy Birthday dearie..yeehHhhh, am gonna b dere live!!! RD

  4. Happy birthday Diva, u so beautiful. Keep glowing and ps share ur glow secrets.

  5. Only U all that cake, goodness!!!