My birthday pictures!

So dearies, here are more picture from my birthday.


Yours truly


Ronnie,Brownie and I




Alice our photographer and Brownie




Doyin my yellow twin and I


Adanne and yours truly


I just love my friends sha, Brownie being goofy

Doris,Toju and I

One big happy family!



My sister, my BFF,my person love you loads.



Ok seriously the pictures are so many can't even post all of them. But I'll keep posting them, and I'm certain my girl Alice will have some on her blog which I will gladly post the link to when she does that. In all I had a very wonderful birthday. This in deed has been the best so far, very small and intimate and I had the best time ever.







Fashion and fun loving. Loves pictures and not afraid to take on challenges.


  1. I had mad fun, always always fun with my girls! Love you all round d world and back