My birthday weekend...

Hey guys, as you know my birthday was on Saturday 21st September. This last weekend was one of the best ever! I had so much fun! My friend Chacha's birthday was 20th on Friday so the party started from Friday night for me. I haven't had this much fun in a very long time.

My friends are the best! I can't even express how special each and everyone of them made me feel, this past weekend was indeed my best ever, I'm sure I've said those words like a thousand times already. I lovely cakes! if thats not love then i don't know what love is then.Well these are just a few of the pictures from Friday till Sunday.





Complimentary Chadonnay for the birthday girl #me *smiling*




Ready to paint the town red lol




Birthday wishes from my dear friend Alice aka my photography for the day lol. Alice you did am amazing job!


Me and my beautiful sister, friend, BFF, Ronnie


My dear Trace aka my plus one,looking all fly

My girl Tochi


Chichi and Ronnie

Me and Chacha

Ok I have to dash out quickly, more pictures coming in the next post.

Love you all






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