A Very Merry Christmas!

Hello my lovely readers, sorry I've been MIA. Trying to put things in place before jetting out on Christmas holiday and treating myself for malaria sha took all my time, I indeed apologize.

This I must confess, this has been my very first Christmas holiday without family, at first when I got to my hotel this morning I was almost in tears, the thought of being alone on Christmas Day creeped in, but my friend Bobby Michaels (winks) yes oh our Nollywood Bobby can with his cute son and a friend to take me out. I had lovely Christmas lunch, I even had a 12yr old whiskey to drink(that's how I roll,no beefing please winks) ended up at monte casino, also saw the new Mandela movie a long walk to freedom. In all today was a good day. Here are some pictures.

I couldn't help but take a picture with the tree


Okey my life saver, thanks for getting me from the airport.


Bobby Michael and his lovely son MJ

I love pictures sha!

Yes oh! No beefing please

Thank God for food oh

The lovely lady that saved my Christmas today. Me eyes for clear..lol


And before I forget, I had Lunch in Soweto! And trust me very cool place. Going back tomorrow to see Madiba's house. No worry plenty pictures coming up tomorrow.

What was that child doing there sef?

How will I not do what tourists do?

All those oyibos cramping my style



I had a blast today! I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is another day. I love you all. Merry Christmas





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  1. Merry christmas darling, good to know u enjoyed the day! Please take more pictures o, you know that's what we do! Miss you babe, see you soon!!!

  2. Merry Xmas bossladie. Beautiful picturesss. Take more oo