An Icon is gone.....

Good morning everyone, I woke up this morning only to see on everyone's display picture RIP Nelson Mandela. The world has lost a great man,African has lost an Icon.

I first heard the name Nelson Mandela as a child from a song the late Mariam Makeba or Brenda Fassi I can't remember which of them sha did the song but the line in the song I picked was (bring back Nelson Mandela,bring him back home to Soweto,I want to see him walking down the streets of South Africa) that was all I could pick at the time,but I later got to know more about this great icon from history class after he was released from prison 11 February 1990. I was in secondary school at the time and school closed by 12noon that day, people took to the streets and was celebrating. At the time I didn't know why but after my history classes and lessons from my mum I got to know why he was celebrated that day. He was a great man, very brave and fought for what he believed in. He makes me proud to be an African.



May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela AKA Madiba.

(July 18,1918-December 5, 2013)

Your legacy leaves on....



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