Apartheid Museum

So guys, I went to the Apartheid Museum., it was a beautiful experience, I took the walk to freedom. I sent 2hrs in there. It's so huge! At some point camera's were not allowed but the few pictures I took outside I will gladly share. There really are no words to describe the whole experience. There is a Mandela exhibition going on presently in the Museum, trust me I also went to see it. I saw his custom made Mercedes Benz , it was a gift to him after his release from prison in 1990. I saw his blanket, plate,cup,cutlery from Roben Island. I even saw all his travel passports he used back in the days to travel round Africa before he was imprisoned. This experience reminded me of the holocust museum in Israel I visited in 07. I really can't describe it, it's best experienced first hand. Here are the few pictures I could take. Enjoy.






I try to imagine me back then, it won't have been easy oh.





Can you just imagine!


Well that's all the pictures I could take. It was a humbling experience oh, thank God for forgiveness is all I can say. Laters





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  1. Tourist behaviour... I'm sure it was a humbling experience. Glad you enjoyed it.