Back to Soweto

Hey guys, so I didn't make it to the Gold reef again, but I got to go back to Soweto and yes I entered Madiba's house. It was a beautiful experience for me. I even signed the register, when any of you goes there you can actually look out for my name (laughing ). Here are pictures of the house.



This is right in front of the house.

This tree is quite special, I was told the umbilical cord of Madiba's kids were planted under the tree. How cool is that?

This was a letter written to Winne by Mandela while he was in prison


A picture of Winne in front of 8115 Orlando West Soweto after coming out of prison for 16months.



Winne is such a beautiful woman


That's Madiba's son who die of HIV aids, I can't remember his name again.


A family portrait of Madiba and his children and grand children. The little girl on the right is his grand daughter that died in 2010 in a car accident.

That bed is the same one in the picture. And the blanket on the bed is Madiba's it made of animal skin.




I really had a great time today. Thanks to Deltacab, I had an amazing driver, he was so calm. Next stop Apartheid Museum.





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  1. Well done! I love Mandela like I love Diana and intrigued by this. Guess i will visit Mandela's house next year...

  2. Historical holiday for u Gigi.. Nice, enjoy ur stay in SA... HaPpy Holidays

  3. Nice one......makes me want to take the tour. On to the Apartheid museum!!!