My Proud Msc holder!

Hello everyone, I have been MIA for a while I know and I'm so sorry for that. But I am so so happy. This month of December has been full of goodnews for me. God has been very faithful.

Last September my girl Omoyemi left for the UK for her masters, it was a very bold step,leaving her job and going back to school,it was a very bold step oh because even God knows I can't take that kind of bold step, but my girl did it. There were plenty nights of long phone conversations, I remember once she actually told me she was tired, I told her not to give up,you have started this journey you must finish it. And to God be the glory today she is a proud MSc holder not just any MSc holder oh MSc with a distinction! Yes my girl get brain! She is beauty with brains and I'm so so proud oh her. I really wish I could have been there for the graduation ceremony,the Universtity of Bradford would have known that yes my friend graduated with distinction. E no easy oh.


My MSc holder! I'm so proud of you!

To all you doubting Thomas lol see I no dey lie



See fine girl! Beauty with brains!


Ok Yemi do and come back jor and resume you PA duties pending when we get our Mobil, or chevron job.


Me and my MSc holder.(no beefing please) I have beautiful friends with brains.



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