Soweto Rocks!

Hey guys, sorry this post is coming this morning and not yesterday. After all the excitement of going to Soweto yesterday I was exhausted when I go back to the hotel.

Soweto is such a beautiful place! I remember telling a friend at home that I'll go to Soweto and trust my Naija brother, he said you'll be mugged oh! But I wasn't and the people were so accommodating, as a matter of fact I now have a South African mama. (Bobby,Roro and MJ move over I done claim una mama lol) I even had shakalaka and Pap! So I'm officially a South African hehehehehe.

Anyway the whole experience was amazing. Orlando street in Soweto where Mandela's house is happens to be the most popular street in the world. Words can't describe how I felt yesterday, even though the house was closed for the holiday, there were loads to tourists like yours truly taking pictures. I did take a few but I'll go back durning the weekend just to see what it looks like inside and trust me to post plenty pictures. Anyway here are a few pictures of how yesterday was for me.


Woke up in high spirits waiting for Bobby and MJ to come pick me.

Fine girl things lol


First stop sandton mall to sort out my Blackberry.


Off to Soweto



In Front of Roro's house in Soweto.


Between me and Bobby I no know who be tourist oh! That's just beside Madiba's house in Orlando street Soweto.


Me leaning on my grandpa's portrait.


I kissed the portrait, no beefing he didn't wait to see me before passing.




I'm so going back to see the interiors of the house.


See people!

Tourist things! Right in front of Madiba's house.


Bobby I'm the tourist


I had a great time today. Off to Gold Reef tomorrow. I'm balling I know. Hehehehehe






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