There is a saying, everyone has their own special gift, but only a few open theirs. Well my Friend Mary of Eponycakes did open hers and for that, today she is a great baker. She's so passionate about baking, and all her cakes are spot on! She does a little bit of cooking too but loves baking so much. Her Red Velvet cakes are MAD!(meaning to die for) I'm a sucker for Red Velvet so trust me when I say it's good.


So my lovelies, it's a new year, filled with lots and lots of birthdays and weddings coming up and with Valentine's day fast approaching, you all might want to start ordering Valentine cakes for loved ones. You can follow Eponycakes on Facebook and also on twitter. Start ordering your cakes. My Order has already been made you all wait till Val's day, I promise to post a picture of me eating it...


Email: maryma133@yahoo.com

BB pin: 7C65D085

Phone number : 08035208054

Website: www.eponycakes.com

Twitter handle: @cakesepony

Get calling, texting, emailing, the earlier the better.






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  1. You are so right Gigi, Mary is gifted in the art of baking and E- pony cake is one to die for. Juliet

  2. Haven't tasted but looking at it epony cake is it.

  3. I belive because I've ordered twice and was happy about it. Ithink they have the best butter cream I've tasted. I pray the contiune like this.

  4. Wow. Yes I agree I've ordered once but can't forget the taste. I think she's new but her chocolaty fruit loaf is the best I've tasted in Abuja.

  5. I ve tasted a lot of cakes here in abuja,but epony cake is the best and their prices are reasonable,

  6. I just want to say the lady is sooooooo pretty I swear. When I saw her in person I wanted more cakes. Jokes apart e pony cakes is one of my favourite in Abuja.

  7. I haven't tasted any of the cakes but my sister is mad about her cakes and she won't stop going on about it. Well done!

  8. she's open a bakery shop in gaduwa estate. you should visit when you can