Happy New Year

Hello everyone, it's the 7th of January, I hope my compliments isn't coming too late. I've missed posting in the last few days, been trying to adjust to been back home and not having room service and house keeping at my rescue. Well well, it's good to be back home,After having such an amazing holiday. South Africa is such a beautiful country, I'm so going back very soon. I really had a good time, to think that I went on a holiday all alone and had so much fun, I'm trying to imagine going with friends. And everyone that made my stay so wonderful, I'm so grateful to you all. Okey thank you so much for getting me from the airport so early in the morning and being my chaperone for a whole day! From shop to shop for a whole day! I'm not sure I would have done that for me, thank you. Bobby Michael, Roro and little MJ, you guys rock. Thank you so much for saving Christmas. Thank you so much Furo, you really surprised me. Best Christmas present ever. Melanie and my cute little Musa, you guys are so wonderful, thank you so much for lunch, I still have the picture and still staring at it every other day lol. Love you loads. Thanks to deltacab, seriously you guys rock! If you are ever in South Africa, I suggest you try deltacab www.deltacab.co.za, they have FREE WIFI in all their cabs! How cool is that? And it's super fast. Their drivers are so cool. And a huge thank you to Mr E and your beautiful family, you guys are so amazing. Thank you for being so hospitable, I really was blown away. You all made me enjoy my stay. I can't wait to come back. I even touched a Cub! How cool is that? In all I had the best holiday ever. And I was a very cool tourist.

Well now, it back to business as usual. Gigi Signatures is having a blog sale tomorrow. As we all know Valentine's day is fast approaching,and I trust we all will want to spoil someone special. So look out for the post tomorrow.

Love you all, stay beautiful





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