So I know you'll have been wondering why I'm always so happy lately. Well, I don't blame you all for your curiosity. Back in the days, I used to let a lot of unnecessary stuff bother me, but this year 2014, I have decided to be a very positive and happy person irrespective of what I'm going through or whatever is going on around me. I have come to realize that being positive tends to attract positive people and positive situations to ones life. So yes I'm happy. I'm alive, I'm healthy, very single and super happy. I know 2014 is going to be a one if the best years of my life! I can strongly feel it. As a matter of fact, my theme song for the year is Pharrell Williams HAPPY! I listen to that song like 5 or 6 times a day. It's constantly on repeat. I'm loving the new me everyday trust me. Oh I even cut my hair and I'm transitioning to natural hair! So I have a new look to go with a brand new Gloria.


2014 is going to be so so great, lot of celebrations which I'm very sure of so you all might want to join the band wagon of positivity, be very happy and see things take a beautiful turn in your lives.


Love you all





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  1. That's great! Remember to spread the doe when u hammer oh!!!

  2. I'm loving the transition...there is nothing greater than loving one's self and every other thing around. Being Happy comes with the overflow of love u have. Keep loving and u'll keep being happy. Yeah this is your year and u shall experience great and amazing things. Have fun this 2014