My Lion Park Experience....

Sorry guys this post is long overdue. Just been busy eating, sleeping and just being lazy.

So my friends calls up and tells me he's coming to take me to Lion Park, I was so excited immediately I sent a BBM to my girls back home and the response was actually what I expected lol. The reply I got was You want make lion chop you! Lol my friends are so predictable lol but trust me my reply was you forget say I be lion? I dey go see my family members ni hahahah.

Anyways, we set out for Lion park. I can tell you for free as excited as I was, I was also very scared! The crazy thought of been eaten up kept creeping in lol. But I did have fun, I saw the Lion that was featured in the award winning movie White Lion how cool is that? And I even got to touch a Cub! Yes I did and I have pictures too.


On our way to Lion Park, we drove past this Croc City, we didn't bother to stop because my friend and I aren't huge fans of creepy things. Eish.


Drumroll, almost there lol



Oh yes accommodation available for the strong hearted, not for people like me lol.

Oh yes I did have an enjoyable visit.



I don't know why I forgot to take a picture with this statue( thinking)

I just had to take pictures before entering the lions camp, just incase I end up as lunch hehehehehe


Even if I'm offered to the lion's I'll be rejected for been too cute lol I know. No beefing please hehehehehe

These tents are for volunteer workers. How do u get a goodnight sleep here knowing you have Lions as neighbors?



A very cute giraffe. It actually stuck its head inside the car and my friend touch it, but trust madam fear, I didn't even make an attempt after reading those signs telling me to keep the windows closed at all times.





Even with all this warnings some families were actually driving round with their windows down!

Isn't she cute?




Beautiful white lions taking a nap..

These ones were awake.. They are so cute, I wish I could touch them, but doing that would mean being eaten up as


Off to see the Cheetah.


Off to see the cubs.


Oh and my dear friend told me that the colour blue attracts the lions and makes them aggressive, so I actually took off my denim shirt.

Me making sure it was safe to touch the Cub. Since my dear friend tricked me into believing blue made lions aggressive, I wasn't ready to lose an arm lol.



Finally! I did it! I'm so proud of me hehehehehe. That smile on my face was so fake u can't imagine. I was so scared there, couldn't wait to get out of there.


Washing both hands and feeling for lucky I came out without a scratch lol

So for all of us who grew up watching Walt Diseny Lion King, what is the name of this animal? First person with the correct answer gets a gift from me. I'm serious about this, let's say it's my own New year giveaway for being a Lion king fan and regular reader of my posts.

Love you all.

Happy new year.





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  1. Replies
    1. That's not the name jor, that's the character it played in the

  2. Ok, now that's some scary one of a heck experience!!!! Wooooow! All the animals though, welldone! I see u having fun! Oya , do and come back o o o

    1. Doyin dear, scary but fun, I'm so proud of me for even trying it. No worry I'll be back soon and I'm coming back complete too lol

  3. Hmm your brave gurl well done .I asked my 6yr old daughter and she said "mum the name of the animal is a Meerkat, a mammal belonging to the mongoose family. ( lake cat) Meerkat lives in Botswana,Namibia,South Africa. All this info for name of animal lol.

    1. She is so correct! My love and kisses to her.